Monday, April 26, 2010

27. 12 days post op photos

here are photos from today. i am 12 days post op. the last picture is of a mystery bruise on my waist/hip area. it looks more gruesome in person and i am wondering why i have it.

also here are a few lists:

things i could do immediately after surgery:
1. get in and out of bed
2. go to the bathroom on my own
3. wipe my own a$$ (thank you dear God!!!)
4. touch my head

things i could NOT do after surgery:
1. take a dump
2. put on a button/zipper sweater
3. lift anything more than a glass of water or wad of toilet paper. lol.
4. sleep on my side or stomach

things i can do now 12 days post op:
1. comb, wash, dry, and style my hair including blowdrying, straightening or putting it up in a ponytail.
2. open and close my windows
3. sleep on my sides (albeit i struggle to find that sweet spot of comfortableness)
4. light chores (cooking, cleaning out the litter box, dishes, disinfecting bathroom)

things i can NOT do 12 days post op:

1. open heavy doors
2. laundry :(
3. vacuuming
4. driving

now with out further


  1. Looking pretty great already! Seems like you're gonna have amazing results. So pleased for you x

  2. WOW!!! Rach you are looking awesome! And to think it's only expanders right now! I am so jealous that both your nipples have healed well!! Hopefully, I find out today that the left one will be fine!
    And ouch to the bruise!! :S

  3. Looks awesome so soon after surgery! Very impressive!

    Teri S