Tuesday, December 6, 2011

96. One year ago today...

Well...it's been 1 year since I completed my journey after having a double mastectomy and reconstruction. The day almost slipped away with out me realizing it. My mastectomy was on April 14, 2010, but reconstruction took 8 months and culminated in my final surgery December 6, 2010 and this is the day I chose to reflect upon what I went through. The day that felt I could move on with my life.

So much has happened in a year. I moved. I started school. I met tons of great new people. And I became a Nurse. I graduate in 4 months and will soon embark on a new career in the nursing profession. Life is so full of promise...not something I could say 2 years ago when my life was full of fear and anxiety over breast cancer. Fear over finding more lumps. Fear over having more biopsies. Fear of the results. Fear I wouldn't see the next 10 years. Fear that I would have to go through chemotherapy or radiation. Fear that I would leave my family behind. Fear that I would suffer the same fate as my mother.

I am so lucky, with the support of family, friends (shout out to my bestie: Elaine), organizations like Force and Bright Pink and my beloved BRCA bosom buddies like Michele, Teri, Shari, Megan, Claudia, Rebecca, and Robyn to name a few, and an outstanding Health Care Team that I was able to become empowered and take control of my future. Be in charge of my fate. Face my risk of breast cancer head on and make the empowering decision not only to have a PBM, but to share my experience and empower others along the way.

What a remarkable journey it has been. A journey that has shaped me into the person I am today. Strong. Vibrant. And full of Life! Baby, I'm a Firework!!!