Tuesday, March 23, 2010

14. no formal dance training required

i have much to say...
...but can't find the words to say it.

so i decided to get creative with my feelings and thoughts.

i am not a trained dancer. this was not choreographed. please don't kill me in the comments section.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

13. courage is my strength

12. preserving history

i am moved beyond words but i will blog more about the eventful side of things and try to capture the emotion of the past few days in another post...but here is a little bit:

a support system has come out of no where and heaps of love has been surrounding me to the brim. i feel at peace and am enjoying life. today i remarked that i was happy!

this weekend i went to the city with a new friend (i'll call LP) who has quickly developed into a close and cherished person in my life. we went to the city...my home town to visit her sister and girlfriend with another friend (who i will call MOC). we actually call each other by these acronyms...lol...yes they have meaning and yes we have a ton of fun!

so i went with the hopes of possibly doing a photo shoot and brought my camera. my bff from hamilton met up with us and LP's sister made the most amazing meal ever. it was probably one of the most visually stunning and impressive meals i have ever had. (wish i took a picture.)

dinner and dessert was completed and a newly purchased bottle of wine was opened. LP's sister agreed to do a photo shoot so i built my courage up a little bit.

i was quite nervous at first but also brave in taking off my shirt. i am sure the vino helped! i felt at first that i had to make apologies about my tiny breasts but self talked that nonsense right out of my head. my breasts are beautiful and we definitely captured them.

at the end of the photo shoot something miraculous happened. and this is where i have trouble articulating the sense of emotion i felt...the awe and splendor of women banding together. it is something i have never experienced before...

this group of women decided to get brave and don their shirts and pose topless with me to show their love and support. and it was such a unique and special moment. i am so truly touched that i do not know if i will ever be able to find the words to express what i felt and still feel at this moment.

any who...here are a few i would like to share...the last one is priceless!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

11. a bit of a break

so the past few days have been spent having a life and it has been great. i have been able to enjoy life and new friends and not be overwhelmed with the disappointment of surgery delays. the anxiety level has gone down too. i am sure this is why my posts have become a little bit infrequent. which is ok.

i have made other plans during this week and coming weekend and realize it is important to have fun things to look forward to so that the surgery does not become all encompassing.

i know this blog will pick back up once i am in the thick of things again but for now i am going to keep on with enjoying life and the welcoming the distractions it brings. i am not taking a hiatus but for sanity's i am distancing myself a bit from the hboc/brca/boob world.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

10. relating