Friday, April 2, 2010

15. dare i say it

in light of last months surgery bump i am hesitant to write that my new surgery date is april 14th. not even 2 weeks notice. i suppose this is a good thing. i will have less time to stress about it.

on another note...i was completely stressed yesterday because the children i babysit came down with the chicken pox and i was definitely exposed with in the incubation period.

i have never had the chicken pox so naturally i freaked out because i am worried it will push my surgery or i will present with an outbreak shortly thereafter when i am recovering. my brother also had the chicken pox a few years ago (in his 30's thus verifying the fact that i knew i never got them) and it turned out to be an awful time for him and our family resulting in a pretty major depression for him. i think this scare brings up some emotions from that time.

anyways, i did a bit of research online and found out there is a immunity shot i can get to either prevent an outbreak all together or at least minimize it. it is called the varicella zoster immune globulin. i was in contact with my emergency department last night and they were able to get the shot for me (despite it being a long weekend) and i had the shot administered today. so one less stress.

i am coping quite well...i am not actively preparing like i did last month. not yet anyways. fortunately mostly everything is already in place. i will do a thorough clean sometime next week...prepare some meals in a linen cleaning and make sure my room is as sterile as possible. other than that, i will just need to pack my bags and maintain my sanity.

the weather has been amazing so i spent the better portion of the day outside. it is also easter weekend and there is a family dinner tomorrow that i am looking forward too. i will tell my family about the surgery date too. hope everyone else is enjoying the long weekend.


  1. I hope the shot works and you don't get chicken pox! I had a medical incident (internal bleeding!)happen a few weeks before my scheduled PBM and I did have to reschedule. Not that we exactly look forward to this, but I know how it feels to have a date in mind, get your nerve up, and then have it put on hold. So I'm going to hope for you that everything goes as planned. Best of luck to you!


  2. Eek, I hope your don't get chicken pox! It seems weird that she wouldn't notifying you, with how serious adult chicken pox can be.

    Good luck on your PBM preparation. I hope everything goes well.