Sunday, April 18, 2010

22. my mom - april 27, 1953 - april 18, 1992

my mom - april 27, 1953 - april 18, 1992
diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 35. she left behind 2 daughters and a son at the young age of 38.

my mother rocked a bikini!

she made most of her own clothes.

she was a fashionista!

she threw really cool birthday parties!

every birthday and christmas she made me a new dress. she even made me matching dresses for my cabbage patch dolls.

she had great breasts...then she only had one...

she had funny looking feet...this was because of all the stylish pointy high heeled shoes she use to wear.

she could draw cool pictures.

she was attentive.

she loved to dance.

she always had great skin and a golden tan.

she had long legs and turned heads where ever she went.

she was careful.

sometimes she didn't believe me.

she loved to camp.

she was self-conscious.

she was a great singer and sang in the church choir and cantatas.

she loved jesus.

she use to clean houses.

she liked to go for walks.

she loved summer.

she was loved by everyone.

she had a great laugh.

she had great hair.

she was a real estate agent.

sometimes when she held my hand she would walk to fast and i would have to run to keep up.

she read her bible.

she liked pork chops with applesauce.

she was my home.

she could be short tempered.

she adored her nieces and nephews.

she didn't like her teeth so she got braces.

she loved her teeth.

she went all out for christmas's and birthdays.

she could braid my hair so beautifully.

she felt alone.

she loved to plant marigolds and tomato plants.

she liked to eat cake batter and let us lick the bowl.

she made great dutch soup.

she was a beach babe.

she had a vibrant smile.

she was a cat person.

she loved her children.

she cried during sad movies.

she suffered greatly.

she fought bravely.

she died tragically.

she died too young.

i wish i had more memories...


  1. This was a beautiful testament to how wonderful your mother was. It brought tears to my eyes!

  2. I am so sorry you lost your mom so young, even after loosing Alissa, I am sure I could never truly understand how that must have been for you- how it affects you to this day. I feel I understand you better reading your blog than I have having known you for what a year now. Maybe it's because I am coming out from under my cloud a little more and am able to see more in what others difficulties are. I am sorry I was not there for you when you had your surgery. I was a bad time for me because of it being around the anniversary of Alissa's death. And truthfully I felt conflicted because I didn't understand the decision in relation to the chicken pox. I just felt let down on my end when everything was so hard and I was just trying to make it through each day. I know you know how that is. Death is so terrible. A mother should never have to say good-bye to her five year old daughter and a daughter should never have to say good-bye to her mother at the tender age of 15... We will never be the same. You will choose to have your breasts removed so young. I will forever check my child's pulse as they sleep.

  3. aww cj. i am sending you a great big cyber hug right now!

  4. That was beautiful Rachel. I miss her everyday too. Love Aunt Kelly

  5. Love this Rachel. All of it a perfect picture of your mom. I miss her so much too.