Thursday, April 8, 2010

17. for sure

april 14th is a go!

my pre-op is the day before on the 13th. i thought this was weird. anyways, going down to the city on monday and gonna stay with friends. my dad is also making the drive from up north - elliot lake to be with me.

my aunt is trying to switch her monday shift off so she can drive me to guelph to my grand-parents and then they will take me the rest of the way to hamilton.

as expected, i am having my low moments and high moments. i am overcome by all the love and support. i did not expect so much of it...but i stepped outside of my box and started asking for help.

everything seems to be falling in to place naturally. i am not overwhelmed with lists of things to do. i was last month when i thought my surgery was going to be in march. i am just taking it day by day. i have a bit of cleaning to do and will need to pack my bag at some point.

i am mostly taking it easy. i am having a bit of a freak out today. but that is to be expected. oh, and i am having trouble eating due to nerves so i picked up some meal replacement drinks cuz they help me keep the weight on.

6 days to go.

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