Saturday, April 17, 2010

20. a good day

having a really good day. i realized that the secret to reducing the thorax pain was to continually take deep breathes.

i was able to reduce my pain medication to half and still feel good.

went to the hair salon and got my hair washed today.

can not believe it, but i already got one drain removed today! i just had surgery on wednesday. i haven't even had a chance to develop a hate relationship with them yet and the other one will probably be out tomorrow as they were both draining the same. i have been drinking tonnes of water as was suggested and i think this has really made a difference...otherwise i am considering myself lucky.

just hoping for a bowel movement since i haven't had one since wednesday pre-surgery. i am on prescription stool softeners but also picked up some senokot. crossing my fingers that by tonight i will have gone.

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