Monday, April 19, 2010

23. both drains are out but i had a shitty night

i have both my drains out which was awesome.

i also had the epic dumpings of my bowels. however, my abdomen was still very sore and tender yesterday causing misery all day and into today. i haven`t been able to eat since-appetite is gone so i have been drinking water and meal replacements.

grandparents came today and i told them that i heard drinking too much water is not so great and asked if they could get me gatorade. they did and within and hour of drinking i started to feel good. my bowels are no longer feeling irritated either.

i think my system yesterday was just fed up with all the drugs too. i had such a general feeling of blah yesterday. fortunately with having both drains removed, i was able to discontinue the antibiotic i was on called cephalex. this stuff was absolutely horrible. it tasted and smelled like a cat litter box. i think it was mainly responsible for making me feel like shit too.

i have spent the entire day in bed since last night from 12am till today at 4pm. i finally got up when an officer showed up at my door to ask me about the drug bs that is going on around here. oh wait...i did have a bath and wash my own hair at around 1pm.

anyways, after the police visit i went for a walk around the block. it`s actually a pretty nice day out. tomorrow is suppose to be even better and warmer so i am looking forward to that. i have a friend visiting this evening to look forward too. just hope my appetite comes back soon.

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