Friday, February 26, 2010

9. trying to stay positive

i am trying to look at this delay in surgery as positive (easier said than done)...and decided to make a list to help me get through.

- i can work a bit longer and save more money for when i am off
- the weather will be better in april which makes for safer driving to appointments for fills and follow-up appointments (2 hours one way...)
- more time to clean and prepare
- i got my referral for physio today for my shoulder (injury from the assault) and should be able to get in in the next few weeks to have it treated
- since i will be getting physio i can get some tips for exercises that i can do post-mastectomy
- it will help the people at work who would like time off for march break
- might find out about our families brca results before surgery
- might be able to connect with someone who i trust to take care of my pets while i am away for surgery (i have 3 cats, 1 of them who has special needs and needs insulin shots twice a day)

um...that's all i can think of...i am trying to focus on these positives instead of the disappointment...i'm honestly having a down day and feel really weepy. i think i will have a good cry later when i am completely done work for the day...i am babysitting soon and want to keep it together till i am done.


  1. That's great that you are trying to see the bright side of things.. I know it's not always easy, trust me, I know. But it's okay to be weepy too, just try not to let it drag you down too much, for too long. Sounds like you are handling it the way you should. Hope you are feeling better today :)

  2. Hey Rachel,

    It's so frustrating when they mess around with surgery dates. They really don't seem to take into account how much you build yourself up emotionally to be ready to do this without being sick.

    It's ok to have a delay, it's just a setback. You'll get there soon enough. It's great that you could think of some positive things to make a list.

    Down days hit us all. Look to your friends, or one of the support networks that we now have (BRCA Umbrella, BRCA Sisterhood) and sound off a little. All the people there know how you feel, it's ok to cry/shout whatever and not have to apologise for feeling that way.

    Hope you've cheered up a little since posting this, sending you hugs x