Thursday, February 25, 2010

8. and this is why it is so hard to cope

my surgery just got bumped to april. i have been making all these preparations the past few over haul...laundry...bought new bedding, jammies, easy to put on shirts...had my 4 week count down/check list on the go...and now i will have to start it all over again.

i am soooo frustrated and heart broken right now. i was actually calm, cool, and collected going in for march 15th, but now with this delay i am completely thrown for a loop. my stomach is in knots. i think i may cry:(


  1. That really sucks. My pbm/diep was supposed to be feb 9 and it was bumped to may 4. I cried for days(weeks?) and was very depressed. The only thing that cheered me up, oddly enough, is I was able to go ahead and get my hysterectomy done. Hang in there

  2. I had something similar happen - mine was supposed to be on 1/12, but because of health problems got moved to 2/2. It's frustrating when you set your mind to DO IT, then you have to wait some more. I know how you are ready to just get on with things - and you know what... it's OKAY to cry. There is nothing wrong with crying. Cry, get it out, blog about it, vent. And then use that extra time to make a few meals to freeze, meet a friend or two for coffee, take advantage of a few extra weeks of not being in the state of recovery. You'll get there, you really will.