Sunday, May 30, 2010

36. 6 1/2 weeks with expanders - not so bad

well it has been 6 1/2 weeks since my surgery. the first 4 weeks were pretty rough and i feared that i was going to be in a lot of pain through out having endured a pretty painful first fill.

well i am happy to say that my last fill almost a couple of weeks ago was virtually painless. i do not have another scheduled fill till june 15th (i am assuming the 1 month wait is due to p.s. going on holidays or the schedule was full). then i will have another fill 2 weeks after june 15th on june 29th.

to look at me straight on i look like a decent size but when i look at myself in the mirror sideways i lack projection. so i imagine i will have a few more fills after my other scheduled visits. also, the p.s. wants to over-expand me by 100 cc`s over and above the desired size to achieve a more natual droop.

i tried on some bra`s today at wal-mart to get an idea of where i am at. i am a 34a. i tried a 34b on but the cups were still loose. i would like to be on the larger size of in between a 34b/34c. i am hoping with this size that i will not look so skinny and that this will still be a realistic size.

here is a list of things i can do in the past couple of weeks:
  • swim (i went swimming in the river. i could dog paddle a bit but can not do the breast stroke yet. in the deep waters i would still be in trouble if i had to swim to save my life.)
  • sleep on my stomach. yes!!! i can sleep comfortably on my stomach with expanders. i just have a lot of blankets stuffed under my chest area for padding. I AM A STOMACH SLEEPER so now i have been getting a better nights rest.
  • wear a 2 piece bikini
  • drive
  • go the whole day with out a nap
  • work!!! i do a lot of child care and i am able to do all of my regular duties
  • lift - i am able to lift 3 year olds and also a case of 24 water bottles with out any pain or difficulty
i`ve also started using bio-oil on my scars and moisturizing my entire foobs with cocoa butter. the skin is still very dry. i try to lightly exfoliate in the shower with a wash cloth but it is still weird due to lack of sensation and i am worried i will rub to hard. i alternate between using baby soap and spectro gel as cleansers for my foobs too.

i don`t have any pictures because everything looks the same since the last ones i posted. i will perhaps try to get some pictures in of my foobs in a bathing suit. i bought a cute hot pink string bikini today for $10.00!!! i must say i use to be a small on top but now with the foobs i am a medium.

oh yeah...i also won one of the giveaways on green and crunchy!!! i was so excited to visit and see my name as 4th on the list. i will write a review on my blog of the miessence products from organicololgy when i get a chance to try them out. i encourage you to check them out as their products are all certified organic. the site also does a great job of educating the reader on the dangers in everyday household and beauty products.


  1. That's exciting a new bikini!!
    I was pretty excited when I bought a string bikini, and I filled it out..without any push up or padding too!! So I understand! lol
    I, like you, want to be a medium to a large B cup. Right now I am a 38 B. And I do actually fill out the cup, the left is lacking a bit lol.. but that will be fixed.
    Sleeping on your stomach? really? I've tried...can't get use to the weird feeling..and I am use to lying flat on my stomach now I have two mounds to work with haha. that prop me up a bit more then I was use to.
    Do your muscles feels a little tender, or tight at the end of the day after lifting kids etc...??? I worked yesterday, and lifted quite a bit... my poor armpit muscle is not to happy. A little tender it is.
    Congrats on winning that prize!! Lucky lady!!
    Look forward to seeing bikini top pics!! :)

  2. hey megan,

    i do still get tenderness in my muscles. i think this damp weather affects them too as i have been in little bit of pain lately.

    i also had a "regular" stomach bug yesterday i got from one of kids i babysit which had me in rough shape. i was in enough pain last night that i took a percoset.

    my ps was gracious enough to renew my prescription and he gave me a repeat for 30 pills. fortunately, i've only needed to take only 3 of them in the past 2 weeks since my last fill.

    i have read that we can experience stiffness for a long time. so it is normal.

    as for sleeping on my stomach...i do have a lot of blankets stuffed under me and i am sleeping with 3 pillows under my head. i do not know if my foobs are actually receiving any pressure when i am on my stomach or not cuz they are quite numb too.

    hopefully the bikini pics will be soon. i lost my ambition when i got sick and now i'm busy with babysitting and tired when i'm done my day. i might try to do them tonight.