Wednesday, May 12, 2010

32. it's been a month

it has been 4 weeks/one month-ish since my pbm.

so far the journey is a roller expected.

i can have a couple of bad days and then a good day. so far it is mostly bad days and a good day...but i hope soon that it will mostly be good days with the odd bad day.

i think i mentioned that i have lost most of my mobility with the first fill. i am trying to get my posture back as i have been hunched over like an old lady for the past week. i noticed an improvement/decrease in pain over the past few days by rolling my shoulders back and pushing my chest out. it actually causes a nice stretch which feels good.

i was sleeping on my sides quite comfortable at 12 days post op but was not able to for almost a week after my first fill.

i have my 2nd fill schedule for next tuesday - may 18th. i am nervous that this is going to set me back a week again in terms of mobility and pain. on the other hand...i am also hoping that instead that it will ease some of the pain as the expanders start to fill out to a more rounder shape instead of the pokey jutting into my skin and muscles expanders they are right now.

btw...a minor announcement tomorrow. stay tuned!

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