Thursday, May 6, 2010

30. Fill #1 - 3 weeks post-op

i feel pretty raw today. not fun at all. i have been lazing around for most of the day. not much energy. i think being in pain really takes it toll on the body.

here are some pics i took today...22 days post op. i am surprised at the amount of moles i have...i never really noticed until these picture. i wish i had creamy white skin like nicole kidman. i wonder if i completely avoid the sun for the rest of my life if they would all go away???


  1. Hang in there Rach! You're looking fabulous!

  2. Looks great, much better than mine did at 3 weeks! I'm sooo jealous you were able to keep your nipples! I thought I'd be ok, but now I miss them. You look wonderful, and don't avoid the sun. NK almost looks dead, don't trade your beauty for hers!!