Tuesday, May 18, 2010

34. Fill #2 - 34 days post-op

I GOT MY PATHOLOGY RESULTS BACK TODAY. COMPLETELY CLEAR!!! I HAD NO CANCEROUS OR PRE-CANCEROUS CHANGES. i did have fibro-cystic breast changes but this was already painfully obvious over the past few years!

i've had a spectatular week. 4 days of birthday celebrations. i am worn out now. i was in hamilton from friday to tuesday. i am home now and enjoying my new furniture suite i bought myself for my birthday!

i went for my 2nd fill today. a resident was part of the team this time around so i had both sides filled up at the same time! if i remember correctly i received 60 cc's in my right breast and 80 cc's in my left. this brings me to a total of 200 cc's in my right breast and 170 cc's in my left. lefty is slowly catching up.

i mentioned the amount of pain i was in to the plastic surgeon my last fill. i requested something for pain and he wrote me a new script for percoset. so far i still feel great since the fill and only took one for the 2 hour ride home. i haven't had to take anything since 2pm. to be safe i will take one before i go to bed.

my stitches/scabs all came out a few days ago. very exciting! i am ditching the scarves now too as i do not feel i need to conceal my small chest. i am already rocking a tank top. i am starting to feel now that my blog title is inappropriate as i do not really feel that i have "lost my boobs". and as you can see from the pics...i am definitely "gaining boobs". both times i have had a fill i have had to laugh at disbelief...and a little bit of joy to see mounds on my chest.

i am not sure how large or small i am going to go. i did find out today that my expanders are 350 cc's. however they will accommodate much more cc's than that. i am thinking 350 cc's might be a good size. we'll see. i don't want to go too large cuz i have a very tiny frame and i still have hopes of one day being able to sleep on my stomach again.

here are todays pics...at 34 days post op! i had my fill about 8 hours ago from these pics.

close-up left nipple

close up right nipple


  1. Hey Rach,
    I am glad you had a fabulous Birthday weekend!! You deserved it!
    Looks like you are healing well!! I am quite jealous that both your nipples healed so well!! Wish that happened in my case..but as you know it can be fixed.
    I felt the same as you, I still look down and am thrilled to see mounds on my chest!! lol.. Today I bought a bra, and actually filled out a B cup bra. The left was lacking a bit, but meh. lol. It was pretty exciting...and to think once I have my revision I will prob. be a full B/Small C cup. And it was a bra without push ups or padding!!! Pretty exciting! I know you can appreciate these feelings! :)
    I am glad your pain is minimal though, and that you were able to get some more meds just in case! You look great, and once the expansion process is done I know things will look fabulous!! Do you know at what point your exchange will be? and how large cup size you'd like?

  2. Hey Rach! You look great! So happy that your appointment went well, and that your pathology report was clear. Yaayyy! I did get your post, I have so much to talk to you about. I have to run out for awhile, but will be back in touch soon. Hugs hugs hugs!

  3. hey megan.

    not sure what size i want to be...i am just going to go based on visual.

    this fill so far has been rather painless. i just woke up after lounging all morning in bed and feel almost as good as i did yesterday pre-fill. i was even able to sleep on my both sides during the night.

    if this is how the next fills are going to go i can see this going pretty quickly and smoothly. i don't think i will be completely done though by my brother's wedding in august...so maybe the end of august/beginning of september i can have my exchange. not too sure.

    i told myself in my mind to expect 6-8 months.

    i need to go bra shopping now too. i need to get a t-shirt bra that conceals these nipples as you can see them through a double layer of a tank top and tshirt together.

    all i have is padded bras which i can't wear anymore cuz they all have underwire.

    hang in there. think of your revision as a positive step!


  4. Hi Rachel,

    WOW. Your boobs look incredible. :) I can't believe how shapely they look without even being implants yet. If they're looking this good now, can you imagine how great they'll look with implants?! The scars look great too; what a good job they did. Congratulations, those are wonderful photos and if I were your PS I would use your photos to show my prospective patients how great they'll look so soon after surgery. I'm hoping you didn't really mean to say that you're thinking about 3500 cc's? Funny visual there. :) Congrats.

  5. lol. thanks rebecca. i made the correction. yes 3500 cc's is definitely overly ambitious. could imagine how hideous that would look!

  6. Wow. I'm catching up on my fellow bloggers and I have to say, your pics look terrific - hard to believe those are expanders, they really look that good. And you're so fortunate to have those itty bitty incisions - for my stage 2, I had to have a full incision around the areolas, straight down and then across the fold to effectuate the "lift" that I wanted. I know these incisions will fade just fine - doesn't bother me too much but it would have been so nice to have those itsy bitsy ones. Anyhow, you're doing really well so thank you for sharing your progress with us. Hopefully, I can borrow some of your positive energy.

  7. thanks dee for your comment.

    i am very blessed thus far with my results. i hope it continues to go this route...but i know that at any stage of the game i could get an infection or complication and things could go a different path.

    fingers crossed that they don't.