Monday, May 10, 2010

31. ouch

this is giving me endless pain and misery. it is part of the expander. the ps says it is perfectly normal and that it will ease up as i get fills...but by god...all i want to do is yell fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!! but that won't help.

i am to massage it and push it in too with hopes of diminishing it. it does help with the pain but i can't push it in all day and when i ease off it hurts like a fucker again.

sorry about the language.

i also typed this post with one hand.


  1. Oh geez, good luck. Hope that goes away soon.

  2. Hey Rachel!
    Oh my god, I love your blog! And thank you for having my blog on your blogroll. I need to do that as well, I would love to add your blog to mine, is that ok??

    I have those same bumps! The pain did get better as the expanders were filled, but I still have the bumps. Some of them are stitches coming through the muscle and skin, and you are right. They hurt. And they are totally "fuuuckkk" worthy.

    Love you completely! My heart is with you!

  3. hey michelle! thanks so much for your comments. please definitely add me to your blog roll!