Friday, October 22, 2010

60. boobs. boobies. foobs. foobies. breasts. breasts. breasts. this. is. a. test!

i thought i would be strategic about my blog title to see if i can generate extra hits by using specific boob words. michele, over at courage is my strength says that she gets a significant increase in traffic when she uses boobs in her blog title.

i have been following the scar project on facebook and have been completely touched in profound ways with the photography of david jay. many of the photos have brought tears to my eyes and drawn out emotions i did not know existed. i have also been given this sense of empowerment through the photos. his photos are another reminder that i am not alone.

i was feeling envious the other day, wishing i could be part of the scar project when i spontaneously decided to do a self shoot. i have been feeling extremely self conscious of the way my foobs look now since my final fill this past sept. 29th, but wanted to change that perception and embrace my journey. this struggle and rock hard foobs won't last forever and i wanted to take pictures to honor this time and to be able to reflect on it when it becomes the past and far distant memory.

i would like to share some of my favourite shots that i took.

if you are wondering how the photos were taken, i started by placing my camera on a tripod and changing the settings to shoot a picture on a 10 second timer. i turned on my bedroom light and brought in 2 additional lamps - one for each side of the bed. i also pinned up a white sheet on the wall behind me.

i would like to do another shoot sometime where a friend is shooting so we can pay closer attention to composition, poses, and facial expressions. it was hard having to press the shutter release button, get back on the bed, think of a pose, do the pose, and get a good facial expression all in 10 seconds.

i hope you enjoy the pictures. they are meant to be artsy and not pornographic or sleazy.

the last picture is my absolute favourite.


  1. It worked! Boobs, boobs, boobs!
    I like the 3rd one the best, it really conveys the courage you have, going through this whole ordeal..

    And really? You have self image problems? Damn girl, you are one sexy biatch!!! I'd do ya!

  2. OMG, you look GREAT! If I am so lucky to have my N/SS/PBM turn out like that I am going to have to make out with my PS! You look awesome, great photography btw!

  3. Amazing! Rachel, no kidding, I would have thought a professional took these photos. If these are expanders, I'm even more amazed as mine never looked like yours. I love your attitude and courage to share both your story & the photos.

  4. LOL! Oh Rach, you make me laugh and cry! I can't wait to see if you get more hits with your title!

    I love your photos! Love them! And you said something I've felt, I would love to be part of the scar project. Now that you have done this I wonder why I haven't, why can't I? We all need to feel beautiful, and YOU ARE! I love these photos, and I know when you get to the end of your journey you will be so happy you have these. I wish I had been nicer to my expanders.

    I love your boldness and your humor, and I am thankful for your kindness and support.

    Love you woman!

  5. I'm jealous! My foobs (expanders) don't look nearly that good. :-/ I've gotta wait until probably February before I can have my exchange. When do you get yours? Good luck!

  6. hey erika!

    hopefully i get mine in december. (fingers, toes, and eyes crossed), but i know leading up to my original surgery that nothing is a guarantee.

    if i can't get done by the end of december i may have to wait till march because surgery would conflict with the start of college.