Thursday, October 7, 2010

57. you've come a long way, baby!

thought i would show you the progression of fills from

before surgery - healing - expansions

i had 7 official fills, but started off with a pre-fill from surgery. i think it is pretty cool to see the changes over time. this was a 5.5 month process. hard to believe!!!

[click to enlarge]
and here is the above in colour. i like the b&w better because it doesn't show the nuances in colour change. so hard to match up lighting over a 6 month period.

[click to enlarge]


  1. Rachel.. you look so good... the before and after pictures are great. I hope my boobies look as nice as yours when I am complete. Surgery is getting closer. I am much larger I am over expanded right now.. I am getting the 800 cc implant. I won't be as big as I was before the mastectomy but will have a nice chest. I am super excited and thank you for your kind words when you commented on my blog... have a great one! You look fantastic!

  2. Isn't it amazing when you look at the pictures from the beginning to now! It's crazy how things change! Can you believe it's been 6 months!!! I can't.
    You look great Rach!!

  3. OH Rachel...I feel like I know you...obviously I do NOT! I think you are so brave...I don't have a "known mutation" either and am contemplating the same surgery you just had. I too lost my mother to the bc beast long before I should have. I miss her everyday! I applaud you for taking a proactive step in your healthcare! You are so strong. I hope I can be as strong as you are, dear sweet, innocent Rachel! You inspire me to do this surgery, especially knowing you aren't a "known mutation" I think it makes it more difficult to decide what to do! Thank you thank you thank you!

  4. hey megs...yes it's hard to believe it's been 6 months!!!

    anonymous, please feel free to contact me via email if you have more questions. i am more than happy to help and be in your corner. you are right, it is harder making these decisions with out a 'known mutation'. fortunately, (fingers crossed) we don't have to worry about our ovaries. at least, not in my family.

    my email is

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  6. Rachel, I just found your website. I am planning on have mastectomy really soon. I have the BRCA 2 gene from my dad's family. My mom also had breast cancer 6 years ago. I am very nervous about what I will look like after the surgery. Your pictures make me feel much better. I had a hysterectomy last week via the Davinci Robot. How long was your recovery. I am so glad that I found your website. I have to cousins who tested positive and both have breast cancer one at 40 and one at 42. My cousin that was 40 had an MRI before her preventive surgery that showed cancer. Her DR. said it would be two or three years before it would have shown up on a mammogram. That scares me. I have two small boys. I am thirty eight. I would love to talk with you. Thanks, BW

  7. Hey BW. Welcome to my site. I am so glad you found me and I am so glad my pictures have helped you feel better. A skilled breast surgeon and plastic surgeon are key here. Mine were both very skilled with the nipple sparing and have performed many.

    Sounds like you have some tough decisions to make and have already made some hard ones. I am so sorry you have this gene mutation, but it also looks like even if you didn't, you would still be faced with tough decisions because of your mother's breast cancer 6 years ago.

    I am actually still in 'reconstruction' phase. The pics you see are me still with my expanders in place, thus the extremely 'fake' but nice look I am sporting.

    I am fully expanded/over expanded now as of 3 weeks ago, after going through this whole thing since April 14th, 2010. So far, this has been a 6 months process. Something you need to keep in mind if you are going to go the same route I did.

    My plastic surgeon will now wait about 2 months for my skin and muscle to adjust to this new size and then these expanders (which are as hard as rocks) will be swapped out (another surgery) for nice kushy feeling implants.

    The implants will also give me a more natural and realistic appearance and feel. And then, I WILL BE DONE. I can't wait!

    Please feel free to email me personally at I also have gmail phone if you ever want to chat over the internet.

    How did you find out about me? Have you heard about FORCE yet? The message boards have been such an awesome source of support in addition to the blogging community.