Tuesday, October 19, 2010

59. post pbm exercise

i meant to share these a long time ago, but that involved getting my ass up off the couch and scanning them in.

i wanted to share what my breast surgeon gave me as post mastectomy exercises. they won't apply to everyone and you need to check with your surgeon before you do these. some of you have had necrotic tissue from your surgeries, and these exercises may be a big no, no.

in posting these i want to state that i take no responsibility if you incur injury or complication due to doing these exercises. CHECK WITH YOUR SURGEON FIRST!

ok, now that all the legal stuff is out of the way, i want to say that i did my exercises everyday except once until i got full range back after about a month or so. the one day that i did not do the exercises, i just laid around and slept. i felt like complete shit the next day and extra sore and tight...so for me, these were key in my recovery.

i am also sharing the exercises i was given that i was to start doing immediately following surgery. they are to help prevent blood clots after surgery.

you can click on each image below to enlarge.

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  1. Hey Rachel, I had my surgery 3 months ago. Immediate reconstruction. I really struggled with accepting the limited ROM I had after surgery and still have. I just started swimming, something I never thought I would do! I am hoping this really helps me regain stregnth. The one thing I notice as well, is I need to soak my muscles to help and release the tension in my back, neck and axilla area. Thankfully I have a hot tub, but for those who do not, soak in the tub. Being young and not able to reach up and get dishes out of the cabinet really pissed me off! Great blog