Sunday, September 26, 2010

54. at a loss and sooo done.

the past few days have been very emotional as i mourn the loss of my beloved pet Gunther. he was put to rest on Thursday and buried later that evening. it was a heart breaking time, but i am so grateful he was able to go in peace at home with me holding him. he also had a beautiful burial (just me and him) under a maple tree at my friend Kristen's farm. as i recall these events i am overcome with sadness and tears.

this coming wednesday is the first annual national previvor day. although i am not sure that it completely applies to me, i find it fitting that i will be having my last expansion on the same day. that is cause for celebration!

i find myself looking forward more and more to my expander-swap out-to-final-implants surgery. i am soooo done with reconstruction.

soooo done!

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