Tuesday, December 21, 2010

76. 2 weeks post-op exchange pictures

awesome! so most of the scabbing fell off in the shower yesterday. very happy about that. there is still a little bit of scabbing but i think this will hold on for awhile because the scabs are mushed in with the dissolvable stitches. or maybe they will also fall out soon too, because one of the scabs fell off with about an 1/8 of an inch of stitching attached to it.

i will make this short and sweet so you can check out the pictures. again, i am more than 100% satisfied and in my opinion healing perfectly.

also, a shout out to my amazing plastic surgeon - dr. ronen avram. he sometimes checks my blog out. i have all the pbm/exchange pictures from my blog (plus more) on a jump drive for you. merry christmas! see you in the new year.

anterior view of both breasts #1

anterior view of both breasts #2

anterior view of both breasts #3

right anterolateral view of both breasts

lateral view: right breast

left anterolateral view of both breasts

lateral view: left breast

close-up anterior view: right nipple and incision

close-up anterior view: left nipple and incision


  1. Yay Rach!! You look wonderful! I'm so thrilled that you are happy with your results, they do look great, and I can't tell you how great it is to know that things are moving forward for you! I can't wait to see what the new year brings you! Good luck on the apartment! Take care!

  2. Hey Rachel - Just joined your blog. Glad to see how great you did through surgery and reconstruction. Seriously girl...now I just need to see your face so I can put it all together. Let us know if you are ever in Chi-town so I can set you and NQ up on a date - hahahahah!!! That will free up a night for me :). HOpe you have a wonderful holiday. Where are you located again?

  3. Wow, your blog has really made me feel better about my decision to go ahead with it. Considering we have the same two surgeons, It gives me hope that I'll look as good when I'm finished!
    You look amazing!!!!

  4. Ha ha. Hey Amy & Nikki.
    I am in Canada, Southern Ontario part. I am moving to Hamilton, Ontario in a few weeks for school. If you check back, my pic should show up as my avatar. Lol. There are some pretty brutal head shots of me post PBM and in one of my expansion posts, but I promise I am cute. Will you gals be going to the FORCE conference? Probably not, as you gals will be busy with the baby. So exciting and nice to have some fresh, positive news.

    As always, thank you for your wonderful comment. Miss you girl,even though I've never met you. Sending hugs out through the inter-web.


  5. Melissa,
    Yay. You'll love Dr. Avram. I am so glad my pictures put you at ease. You'll look amazing too! See you soon.


  6. You look great! Did you do a nipple sparing mastectomy? I don't think I'm going to do one myself. If you didn't have a nipple sparing, they look AMAZING! :)

  7. @Michelle,

    Yep, I had nipple sparing. I am so thankful for this decision. It was definitely the right one for me, and worth interviewing several surgeons until I found one that was not only willing to do the nipple sparing, but was also skilled at the procedure.

    Welcome to the blogging community:)