Thursday, December 9, 2010

71. itchy and soreness

as i've mentioned in earlier blog posts, i react to adhesives and band-aids so my surgeon had to do alternative dressings with minimal adhesives. instead, i have had non-stick dressings called bactigras over my wounds, but i have started reacting to that as well. also, the minimal type of ape that was still used yesterday ripped off another layer of skin today.

the consensus with the home care nurse and myself was to remove all the dressings and to let my wounds dry out over a few hours. i locked my kitties out of my room for a few hours and snoozed while they dried out. afterwards, i was able to put regular gauze dressings over the wounds and keep them in place with a bra. no more tapes to hold it all in place.

this has worked, but not soon enough to ward off the itchiness. my torso and back are really itchy and sort of driving me crazy.

on another note, muscles not cut during the surgery are very sore. i have been compensating with other muscle groups like the muscles in my neck and stomach to get myself into upright or reclining positions. these muscles are now very sore, adding to my discomfort.

i am able to go 8 hours between meds though. i am only doing this so i can have a bowel movement. the drugs are making me all bummed up and i feel gross. hopefully cutting down on the oxy's will help things move along. i went for a walk around the neighborhood too and took in the beautiful crisp winter air.

i think this blog post is a little disjointed and rambly. i think i have most of my bearings though. i have some easy things planned for tomorrow, like going to the salon and getting my hair washed, and running some errands.

i also have a friend staying with me till friday who is graciously cooking all my meals, taking me around town for errands, and providing entertainment and just general love and support. this recovery is so much better because of the extra care and attention compared to the initial pbm and i am so grateful.

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  1. you look FANTASTIC!! Oh my gosh! I'm so glad to hear your exchange surgery went so well and that you're already up and moving (just 3 weeks PBM, I'm still sore!). Sorry to hear about the nausea. Hope it passes soon!