Wednesday, December 8, 2010

70. sneak peak and bleeeegh.

i was going to post the photos below earlier, but as i was uploading them to my computer, i got hit with a horrible wave of nausea. and then i yakked. blaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! i got gravel into me shortly there after, and that cleared the nausea up, or the nausea just ran its course. i am pretty sure it was from the morphine i received yesterday, because i had a similar reaction to it during my pbm in april. i should be good to go now, and i was able to eat my dinner about 20 minutes later.

the home care nurse came by today and we changed up my dressings. much more tidier. i have a small amount of dressings held in place by a bit more tape, but the bra is doing most of the work. i am glad to be rid of the itchy stocking that was holding all the bandaging in place. i also had a small amount of tape holding it on too, and as we peeled it off, it took a layer or two of skin with it. ouch. i hate that i am so sensitive to adhesives and band-aides. hope this doesn't happen again tomorrow. so far, no water blisters are forming...which sometimes happen with the surgical tape.

here is how i am wrapped now. and look out for the surprise peak show below. i am already impressed with my results.

here is my mentor card with my serial numbers and size.

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