Friday, June 25, 2010

41. Fill #3 - 10 weeks post-op

finally. updated pictures. and yes. it is 2:45am. i should be sleeping but i am a natural night owl and since surgery my system has reverted to what it wants to do. but for now, this is not a problem because i usually babysit in the afternoon/evenings so i can sleep in till 1pm if i choose.

here are the stats of my 3rd fill:

going in
LEFT - 170 cc's
RIGHT - 200 cc's

cc's added this visit
LEFT - 60 cc's
RIGHT - 40 cc's

where i'm at now
LEFT - 230 cc's
RIGHT - 240 cc's

i think i could have added more this visit but i was playing it safe because i felt pretty tight on the left side. however, with in 10 minutes of me leaving the p.s. i was fine and already wishing i had added more.

lol. because i am so small, these foobs look humongous on me. however, i am still lacking the desired projection so we have 4 more appointments scheduled for fills. i think i will be pretty happy with my size over the next 2 appointments and the last 2 fills will be for the over-fills that my plastic surgeon likes to do.

so based on those appointment dates, i am thinking my exchange will be around november...i hope...and this is pending that there are no complications. my minor complication now that i mentioned yesterday is pretty much the same...but not visible in the pictures below.

also, here is a list of my upcoming fills:
june 29th
july 27th
august 24th
september 7th

i liked when they were every 2 weeks. i don't know why the appointments after june 29th are spread so far apart. i am going to ask about that. i am getting anxious to be done so hopefully i can get on a cancellation list to have one or two of those done sooner. i have a deadline as i start college january 2011...for nursing!

also, i don't know if you can notice...but as i am being expanded, unfortunately my scars are stretching out too and becoming quite large. this has been a bit of an issue with me and a little difficult to deal with. it makes me sad and i have my moments of despair. i really wanted perfection here. i also know my results are stellar at this point too and that hopefully with the final surgery they will be minimized. i also know over time they will fade to white and that i am blessed to have a choice in reconstruction with an optimal outcome.

with out further are the pics...please pay no mind to the bra impressions in my skin. and you can click for close ups.


  1. You look amazing Rach. I wish my foobs looked that symmetrical, and that great! Do not despair, honestly your scaring is so very minimal you can hardly see it!!! You must be thankful it's not larger, like the true mastectomy scarring!! I am sure once the exchange is done you are going to have amazing new foobs!!!! :) Glad to see you are doing well otherwise.

  2. I have to say that this is one of the best reconstruction jobs that I've seen - and at this point, I've seen a lot! I don't think your scars are bad at all! And as you said, over time they'll fade a lot. Looks to me like you have an amazing doctor with some wonderful results. They look pretty big to me as is, so I'm not sure why you'd need 4 more fills... though I know after the exchange surgery they settle down some and not be quite as prominent as they are here..
    You're doing a great job of documenting all of this, and I know you're blog is going to help a whole lot of people. You should feel very proud of what you are doing. :)

  3. Amazing reconstruction job! And like Teri by now I have seen a lot. Don't worry at all about the scars, they look great for this stage too, and they will fade, be patient. Also, I like the long time between fills for the later stages, it gives your tissue time to really fill in a expand. I know the expanders are a pain but your surgeon is right on track.

    Good luck with your healing and thanks for sharing!


  4. thanks ladies for your wonderful comments!

    i have another fill tomorrow...and it only being 2 weeks since my last fill i almost don' feel ready. i think i will be grateful for the month in between for my next fills.

    today, i loved my foobs! they looked so cute in a grubby t-shirt today while i was doing house chores and i kept going over to mirror and checking them out.

    you guys really gave me a boost with your comments. i am a lucky gal:)

  5. Glad you are happy with them! Good luck on tomorrow's fill.