Thursday, June 10, 2010

38. 8 weeks post op

not much to say. things haven't changed much. i do notice with the damp weather that my chest seems tighter. this is probably due to being less active on gloomy days so i start to "seize up".

i am looking forward to next wednesday when i go for my 3rd fill.

i can massage my foobs and really manipulate the expanders. i guess this means that the muscles have loosened with time which is good. i think the next fill will definitely tighten things up again and i won't be able to so easily manipulate the expanders. let me just tell you, it does feel really weird and it is so obvious that there are foreign objects in my chest.

since i am mostly recovered i am on to tackling the whole court stuff of last septembers assault. i really don't want to deal with it because i was happy being stress free for a while. but life is inevitable and things need to be dealt with. i just hate feeling the butterflies and anxiety again like when i did leading up to surgery.

look forward to a pictorial post some time next week when i get my third fill. oh, i am excited.

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