Thursday, June 24, 2010

40. life is getting back to normal

i had full intentions of doing a blog update this week but life has gotten away on me and i find myself busy and enjoying life. i apologize because i do have a lengthy update to post but it involves taking pictures of my most recent fill. i admit i have not taken the pictures yet because i was away for a few days, then returned and had company for a few days, and now i am cramming to finish my english and biology courses in time for spring college application.

i am having the teeniest most minor complication at the moment which i hope proves to be nothing at all. on saturday after i got out of the shower i noticed that my incision on my right breast/nipple looked "fresh". it looked like a 1/4 inch paper cut. i called my p.s. immediately but he was unable to get back to me until the next day due to being in surgery. either way, i mentioned that it looks for the most part superficial but he did suggest to continue keeping the area clean and to additionally apply polysporin to prevent any sort of infection. the "paper cut" has gotten a little bigger and is now almost a 1/2 inch but again, superficial looking.

i still have a concern of course that it could completely open up. the p.s. suggested that it could be happening if a suture is trying to work it's way out. i wonder if it has happened because maybe my last fill was too much for the incision to handle...or i am wondering if it is because i wake up on my stomach and being in that position is possibility causing the skin to stretch and compromise the incision. with way, i am making an effort not to sleep on my stomach right now.

i have another busy day tomorrow, but i will try and do my best to get an up-to-date photo blog posted tomorrow.

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  1. Hey Hon! This happened to me too. My PS had me keep my steri-strips on until they fell off, and I could see fluid starting to seep under one of them. He removed the tape and it was opened up a little. I tried to stress about the "why", did my wet hair lay on that side of my chest too long? did i stay too long in the shower? is my skin falling apart? He basically told me that it happens sometimes, and there's not always a firm reason behind it. We took 2 weeks off of filling to let the skin heal back together, and now that it's been several months you can't tell that it was ever opened. I also worried about how I was sleeping, but he told me not to worry, it happens, it will grow back together, and will be just a little blip on the radar when it's all done. :) See, you were right, our stories are so much a like. I'm glad to hear you're out and about in life, and looking great. Take care!