Sunday, February 27, 2011

83. this is cool and why i have had no pics of my boobs recently check this out.

pretty cool right? see all those red dots? these are where people are in the world that are visiting my blog. if i hover over one of the red dots when i go to my lifestat screen, it will tell me the specific country and state/province and city people are visiting from and also how many times they have visited my blog.

i think it is so cool that i have had visitors from all over the world!

as for photo updates...i wish to inform you all that i sold my camera a few months ago to help with school. hopefully i can get my hands on a professional camera soon and take up-to-date pictures of how things are healing and settling. for my own personal reasons i would also like to compare because i am starting to get impatient with the healing of my scars and think they have actually gotten bigger:(

happy march break to those that have it coming up. i have one week off right now and so need to catch up on my rest and have some fun!


  1. Minneapolis was currently visiting my blog when i did this screen shot. you can see their blip all lit up!

  2. that thing is so cool! I have the Feedjit one, I like yours better - Jenkintown PA ;)

  3. Hey how do you get this on your blog? I can't find it for mine!

  4. hey michelle.

    you have to go to to get it and follow the instructions. i think you have to add a html/java box when you are in design and paste the code revolvermaps gives you. it takes a little bit of playing around to get it to work. good luck!

  5. Love the map Rachel, I put one up a few days ago. Its cool to see blips across the world, knowing someone out there, somewhere, is reading what you have to say. Enjoy your much deserved break!

  6. I'm new to your blog, looks like the rest of the world beat me here.


  7. Hello,

    I'm the blip in Stockholm, Sweden :) I just wanted to say hi and thank you for writing this blog. I'm BRCA1 positive and will have my double mastectomy in september, and your blog has helped me a lot.

    Lots of love