Saturday, February 5, 2011

81. so out of the loop

hi all.

school has taken over my life! i have no idea what is going on in the brca blog-o-sphere anymore. i miss so many of you!

yesterday was my second friday in clinical placement (i'm going to school for nursing - clinical is hands-on training and practical). it was such a great experience and i got a lot of positive feed-back from my class-mates and the staff at the hospital.

i wanted to share, that through out the entire day at clinical, i did not think once about my boobs! i am no longer my boobs. i am no longer my mastectomy. i am no longer my surgery or reconstruction. i am no longer a patient. i don't know if you know what that means or not. some of you will. up until a month ago, this boob stuff was always in my thoughts...permeating everything i did and thought.

i am now just me. a nurse. a student. coming into my own. my 3 year journey no longer defines me. it now is just a memory and something that gave me strength. showed me what i was made up. showed me my strength.


so in regards to my surgery...i am able to sleep on my tummy every night now. i get more and more used to it every night. it is still a conscious event of turning onto my stomach to get comfortable.

hmmm...what else.

oh i wanted to give a shout out to a new blogger. please welcome her to out community and check out and comment on her blog:

Stephanie sent me a very nice personal message. her blog is really cool. last year she got married twice, once in london and again the next day in paris. the picture on her blog is totally her. i love her wedding dress! this past december (not even 2 months ago) Stephanie was diagnosed with breast cancer. she is currently going through treatment and reconstruction of her breast that was removed via mastectomy. please pass by her blog and give her some support. i know y'all are good at sharing the love!

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