Wednesday, January 12, 2011

78. life!

ok. so a lot has happened in the past few weeks to distract me from this blog.

i moved.

and i started school.

i haven't had a chance to catch my breath from the move and barely had time to unpack before i started college this past monday. i will say though, that i am loving being back in the big city, love my new apartment, love seeing my cats so happy in it, and i love being in school.

life is so completely different and new compared to last year that it makes it easy to go about my day barely thinking about what i endure this past year. how great is that?!?! life goes on!

anywho, tomorrow i finally have my post-op appointment for my exchange surgery. it was delayed due to being 'snowed in' up north. now that i am back in the city, my plastic surgeon is easily accessible. only a 5 minute drive from where i live:)

sorry if i seem neglectful in the coming months. i will try to check in every once in a while and i will try to do a follow up post in the next coming days to let you all know how my post op goes in the morning:)

turning in now for some much needed rest.

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