Wednesday, November 17, 2010

66. good to get away.

my mood is so much better these past few days.

i decided to get away from my depressing, depressing environment, and spend a week and a half in hamilton...the place i will be attending school and my home town.

my best friend and her boyfriend have been very gracious in letting me stay the week and half at their place and have a spare room. the bed is so comfortable, along with their pillows, and i find i am sleeping more comfortable here than in my own bed at home.

many things are coming to a head this week and in the next coming months and i am so looking forward to getting major issues in my life dealt with. some of these trials have been going on for the past 2 years like the decision to have a pbm.

court is in 2 days, and today i met with the crown who is representing me and he is confident that he can arrange a peace bond for both myself and the person who assaulted me. i have very mixed emotions about this because it means he gets off scott free for what he did to me, but i am just at a point in my life where i no longer want to deal with it, and need to move forward so i can continue with my plans for college. i know it's not fair to me that he gets barely any consequences for his brutal actions, but i am putting all my faith in God with this, and the guy who assaulted me can answer to God.

i am overwhelmed with everything happening all at once, but i am doing my best to look to the future when these things will be resolved and i can focus on my schooling and future career as a nurse. as things are ticked of the list and dealt with, i know i will begin to feel lighter.

despite this week being a challenge, my best friend and i visited the college campus for a tour, have done some geocaching and shopping. i am so excited for the future. excited for my new boobs. excited for school. excited to be back home with close friends and family. excited for so many possibilities!

this get away has been so good for me and is just a taste of how life will be in a few months when i am back home:)

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  1. Yay Rach! I'm so thrilled to hear you are doing better! It does stink that you have to watch him get off easy after what he did, but there is some freedom in letting go, and I believe the verdict he will get later in his life will be worse than anything you or the court can give him. I can't wait to hear how school goes, and I'm so happy that you are having a great visit! Keep up the great smiles and take care!! <3 <3