Sunday, August 15, 2010

49. hurt

i've rewritten this post twice already and deleted it.

i'll just say that i have been hurting (emotionally) pretty badly the past few days. i am very grateful to my friend Kristen for listening to me tonight while i shared my inner most thoughts and pain. she is a ray of sunshine and has always been able to pick me up with her words, wise observations and encouragement.

also, teri, i know you are going to read this at some point. i am thinking about you so much and am praying for you. i don't want you to have to be fearful or burdened. please take care of yourself, and take an internet break if you have too so you can recover.


  1. I'm sorry you are hurting. I've been there. I was in a dark place for many months last year. What helped me climb out was finding an outlet that allowed me not to think and to just enjoy the moment. For me, that was snowboarding. I don't know if you have an outlet that will let you escape your pain, even for a brief moment. Good luck

  2. thanks janine. i love snowboarding! i've got all the gear, but sadly last winter i was too scared to go for fear that i would injure myself and have my surgery bumped. surgery got bumped anyways, so now i just do things regardless.

    i am already feeling much better after talking to my friend and posting this blog.

    thanks for your comment.

  3. Hey Rach!
    I'm so bummed to read your post! If there is anything I can do, or if you want to vent, I'm right here! Anything you need, anything at all.

    I'm worried about Teri too, such sad news about her PE and being back in the hospital. I wish there was something we could do other than wait to hear how she is. I hope she does take a break, and I hope we hear great news from her soon. I'm so sad and worried for her.

    Take care,

  4. Rach, you knew I could stay away from you. Michele, you are so nice, thank you for all the care and concern. Rachel, I'm going to try to call you right now.

  5. I'm sorry you are having a tough time. My day was not so great either. Find your strength. We are all in this together.