Thursday, July 29, 2010

46. Fill #5 - 3.5 months post-op

I had my 5th fill yesterday. It went really great, however, I am quite sore today. I received 60 cc's of saline in each expander and I can tell that I am really being stretched now. My muscles in my back were sore and the expanders are definitely digging into my ribs. I am taking percoset again for pain.

It is late, so I will be short on words. Enjoy the pics. I think this is the size I want to next 2 fills will be the overfill of 100 cc's. I am currently at:

Left Side: 340cc's
Right side: 360 cc's.

Look for another post in the near future, as I had a friend come with me to document the procedure.

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  1. Looking good! Some of the best results I've seen!