Sunday, March 7, 2010

11. a bit of a break

so the past few days have been spent having a life and it has been great. i have been able to enjoy life and new friends and not be overwhelmed with the disappointment of surgery delays. the anxiety level has gone down too. i am sure this is why my posts have become a little bit infrequent. which is ok.

i have made other plans during this week and coming weekend and realize it is important to have fun things to look forward to so that the surgery does not become all encompassing.

i know this blog will pick back up once i am in the thick of things again but for now i am going to keep on with enjoying life and the welcoming the distractions it brings. i am not taking a hiatus but for sanity's i am distancing myself a bit from the hboc/brca/boob world.

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  1. I recently did the same thing - it's very important to not let BRCA stuff take over your entire life. I'm with you, and am trying to back away just a little (like taking weekends off!), and have fun, and enjoy the life that I just had all of these surgeries to extend. :)

    I hope you have a wonderful time and really do enjoy your life.

    p.s. it's okay to blog about the fun things you do too = it's your blog and can be about whatever you want it to be... :)