Thursday, January 24, 2013

98. still around

it's been ages since i posted...almost a year?

i don't anticipate posting here anymore.  i am busy with my career...nursing.  i've been nursing now for 6.5 months.  i work on a cardiology unit in a hospital.  i love it.  it's stressful as hell.  i love the patients and my nursing coworkers and the challenges of the job.  i love working as a team and helping make decisions on the care of my patients with other health care team members like doctors, surgeons, OT/PT and social work. i see new things everyday.  things i would never expect.

i've learned how to perform cool skills. i can perform and read ECGs.  i can take blood.  i still can't get a successful IV in yet, but that will come in time.  i've performed CPR and it saved the patient's life! i've had several patients turn sour on me and died within 24 hours.  i've nursed patients on their deathbeds in their final hours.  i've taken care of a patient after death and helped prepare his transport to the funeral home. it is all such a privilege.  it's all such an honour.

and i still remember that moment when i laid on a mammographic table terrified about to have my stereotactic biopsy.  i was panting with the stress of it all and i can still remember vividly when instinctively the nurse just grabbed my hand and held it and the peace and calm it brought me.  that's when i knew i wanted to truly be a nurse.  and i pray everyday i am with my patients that i can have that same impact.  and i know i do!  and it is the most rewarding feeling in the world.

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  1. Congrats on finding what sounds like the perfect job for you. I hope during your career you never forget about the nurse who held your hand and made you feel better, that's important and if you carry that with you, you will help so many people. I'm sure we will all miss your blog postings, but life goes on, and so do people's lives. I've stopped blogging about my experience, but still follow people's blogs to see how things turned out for everyone. I'm happy to read that you've done so well, congrats, and enjoy the career!